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GerberGroup was founded on the belief that design excellence produces more efficient and successful buildings.

We carefully select our design partners and conduct regular financial underwriting against our plans to ensure the overall economic feasibility of our projects.

This attention to detail and responsive design process are integral to our success. We undergo a thorough analysis of local market and demographic trends prior to any investment. We look at the positives of each project in equal proportion to constraints, developing strategies early in the development process to mitigate downside risks.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build smarter cities that improve community. We do this by leveraging our training as urban planners with a deep knowledge of real estate development to provide our investment partners with exceptional development opportunities that generate financial value. Our responsibility as land developers go beyond excel spreadsheets and profit – it’s about transforming how people live.

Meet Evan Gerber

Evan Gerber is a real estate and development professional with over $250M of acquisition, development, and disposition experience. He graduated from USC with a B.S. in Urban Planning.



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